Sunday, Join us for Catsino at Beveridge Place!

This Sunday, join us at Beveridge Place in for a fundraiser for local Animal advocacy groups

Tickets*: $25.00 (pre-sale and at door)
Four stellar animal rescue/advocacy groups! Local businesses showering you with grand prizes! Unique silent auction benefitting animals! Crazy games like Studless Draw, Pig Craps, and Keg Roll! What better way to spend your Sunday afternoon, than at the Beveridge Place Pub, enjoying all of the above.

Meet and greet local Animal groups and business owners while playing fun games. It’s a chance to ask all those pressing questions that have been nagging you for years! Like, why do I love your microbrews so much or how do I get my dog neutered or why does my cat purr?

Fairmont Afternoon Tea For Two, Flight Theme Basket including Museum of Flight tickets, Behind the Scenes Aquarium Tour, Sounders Autographs Mini Soccer Ball, ‘C’ is For Chihuahua Mystery Books, Woodland Park Zoo Family Pack and more. These are just a few of the cool auction items you have an opportunity to win!

We recommended getting your tickets early as there are a limited number, so stop by one of our three outlets:
• Beveridge Place Pub: 6413 California Ave SW, 932-9906 (Morgan Junction)
• Hotwire Coffeehouse: 4410 California Ave SW, 935-1510 (Alaska Junction)
• Pet Elements: 6511 California Ave SW, 206-932-0457 (Morgan Junction)