October 2014 (out of stock) 

TC_GENERICTime Capsule October 2014 is a truly White Center, USA sour ale.  We took our sour blonde base and primary fermented with a house ale yeast and house souring microbe blend. Additionally, this beer was open-fermented (a special type of fermentation where the fermenting beer is exposed to the open air around it) to encourage even more of the microbes indigenous to our brewery and surroundings to add to the complexity of the beer. Because of this brewing technique , October 2014 embodies a very specific time and place and will never be able to be exactly recreated, much like its name. We love it now but it will continue to develop, thus we are passing along the cellaring responsibilities to you.

Malts: Pilsner, wheat
Hops: .5# Nugget (virtually hopless)
Yeast: Mixed culture of Ale yeast & indigenous souring microbes
ABV: 7.75%
Availability: Draft, 375ml bottles